Maxis has been hard at work on its new expansion pack for The Sims 4, and now we're getting a more in-depth look at one of the careers you can choose.

We already saw one The Sims 4: Get to Work trailer that seemed to feature a Sim with a striking resemblance to Walter White, and now there's a new trailer out that focuses on one specific career -- doctor. It's actually pretty cool how much work it seems has been put into the Get to Work expansion pack. Maxis isn't fooling around -- it wants you to be able to do (almost) everything that a normal person would do in the career they have chosen.

This trailer focuses on being a doctor and it shows the player a bunch of different things that they can do at work. As a doctor you can not only see patients, but take tests in an attempt to diagnose them and after they have been diagnosed, you can treat them. There isn't just one type of diagnoses or treatment, so the pack can keep you on your feet. You can even deliver babies! As you progress in your career, you will be rewarded with trinkets such as new plaques for your wall or a cool skeleton for your office. You can even start to give out health advice to everyday Sims that aren't necessarily visiting you in the hospital.

However, being a doctor isn't the only career a player can pick up with the new expansion pack. There will also be many others such as scientist, shop owner and more. So, get ready to make the biggest decision of your Sims life when the expansion pack comes out in April.

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