EA's The Sims 4 has had its ups and downs, but now that it's about to arrive on Mac, things are looking pretty good.

There have been a lot of cool things happening in Sims 4 such as expanded emotions, super pools and the ability to control wildlife and now players will be able to experience these things on a Mac. It was only a matter of time before The Sims 4 came out for Mac based on all of its predecessors availability on both machines. The announcement came today via Twitter.

The Sims also followed up with its twitter post by answering a few player questions, such as one by AlexEd93 who asked, "Will owners of the PC version have access to the Mac one too?" The answer is yes, you can purchase the PC version now and have that instant satisfaction on PC and when the Mac version comes out sometime in February, you will also have access to it.

While the specific release date and pricing have yet to be announced, you can expect the Mac version to be surfacing sometime next month.

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