The debacle with the SimCity launch has been well documented, but it seems like EA is taking some serious action concerning the marketing of the horribly unsupported game. They've stopped marketing SimCity and have asked affiliates to do the same. Among all the things EA has done concerning the SimCity disaster, this seems to be one decision that can't provoke any vitriol from the public.

In an email obtained by Polygon to their affiliates, EA says it has, "deactivated all SimCity text links and creative and we ask you to please remove any copy promoting SimCity from your website for the time-being." Suspending a marketing until the problems with the game have been sorted out is the most honorable thing EA has done. This helps to prevent more customers unwittingly buying a broken game. Although, if you unwittingly buy into Sim City, then you really haven't been on the internet lately.

EA will still be honoring commissions for any sales coming from those links, but has asked companies to "stop actively promoting" the game until the regular marketing campaign resumes.