EA Mobile might be closing its doors after its sister studio, EA Montreal, experienced a significant number of layoffs.

Gamasutra reports that the team known for its work on the Army of Two series has gotten smaller due to layoffs affecting members of EA Montreal last week. Members of EA Mobile, which is also based in Montreal, have started being laid off as well. EA spokespersons claim that these layoffs won't change the company's development projects, even those of EA Montreal. Unfortunately, EA Montreal has yet to announce any new work it has in development since it wrapped Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel in 2013.

"We made a staffing change in our Montreal studio to align with our current development and service plans," said an EA representative to Gamasutra. "A small number of employees were impacted, and we are working closely with each of them to ensure the best transition possible."

While EA has yet to confirm how many jobs were lost at either studio and what its future plans are regarding these diminished teams.

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