EA Sports rectified things for a 10-year-old football fan who won a contest at the Lions vs. Cowboys game last week, but was refused its grand prize because of the jersey he was wearing.

Kiss FM reports that a 10-year-old football fan named Roman was given surprise NFL tickets for Christmas from his grandma. The tickets were for the controversial Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions game last week. Outside the AT&T stadium (based in Dallas), Roman won a local contest during a pregame fan event which consisted of musical chairs. The people officiating the event were associated with the Cowboys (you can tell because of their clothing and the Cowboy mascot on stage), which makes sense considering the location. After winning multiple games of musical chairs, Roman was supposed to get a free copy of Madden NFL 15 on PS4. Upon the realization that Roman was wearing a Lions jersey underneath his jacket, the boy was made to redo the final round. Despite originally winning, someone else won the grand prize because of the clothing Roman was wearing. Roman ended up getting a Batman DVD instead (a full season of the original Adam West series that he most likely didn't even know existed).

Kiss FM
Kiss FM

Fortunately, EA Sports stepped in and rectified things for young Roman a few days later. Not only did he get a copy of Madden NFL 15, he also got a brand new PlayStation 4 as well as a Detroit Lions mini-helmet signed by his favorite player, wide receiver Calvin Johnson. We're glad that this wasn't overlooked while everyone was worrying about that controversial pass interference call during the Colts/Cowboys game.

Here is some footage of the event, courtesy of Kiss FM:

Say what you want about the Lions or the Cowboys, but that was a lame move to not give the boy his grand prize when he rightfully won it in the first place. Bravo EA Sports, bravo.

Here's our breakdown of the Madden game cover curse:

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