The free-to-play soccer experience on the PC, FIFA World, will be relaunching with a brand new game engine with a ton of upgrades this fall.

FIFA World's new in-game engine will upgrade almost every facet of the game. In terms of FIFA's AI, teammates will adjust to your playing style on the fly. The addition of First Touch Control and Complete Dribbling that will improve how a player runs with the ball. World's improved physics engine will bring ultra-realistic collisions between players. Finally, FIFA World's shaky controls have been redesigned, being more friendly to the mouse and keyboard format. There are more updates on the way, and EA will announce them in the coming months.

“In FIFA World we have created a live service platform that allows us to fundamentally change the game by adding new features and modes through regular updates, all while keeping fans engaged with dynamic live content that follows the real world of football,” said Mike McCabe, FIFA World's executive producer. “After almost a year of working closely with our fans we are very excited for our biggest update yet - a brand new game engine.”

If you would like to participate in FIFA World's open beta and see its redesigned engine, check its official website and we might see you on the field.

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