One of the best games in the App Store just got a big update. That's right, it's time to download the latest version of Punch Quest and reap all of the bare-knuckle benefits that it has to offer!

When it was released in late October, Punch Quest quickly because one of our favorite games here at Arcade Sushi. In fact, it was so good, we couldn't believe that it was a free to play game. Apparently, the developers eventually realized this as well, eventually deciding a few weeks later to make people pay for it.

Even then, it was only a buck. At that price point, it was still a tremendous value and has remained so since. But RocketCat must be in the holiday spirit, because it's free again! Though probably only for a limited time.

The most noticeable change with the new update is a brand new mode that you can unlock from the title screen -- Spartan Mode. As you might surmise, this new mode has you start in the dungeon with no skills or powers, which you must find at random.

Punch Quest

There's also some new rooms that you can punch your way through! As well as new Ultra Belts, more mystery items, and a share button that you can use to tell your friends about your achievements. There's also the requisite bug fixes and housecleaning that continue to make this one of the more polished games in the App Store.

The latest update to the game adds in a ton more content, which really cements this Punch Quest as one of the better titles to be released in 2012. RocketCat Games is now definitely on our radar as one of the best developers out there.

Get Punch Quest today for your iPhone & iPad!

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