RocketCat Games has had to ratchet up the price of its uber-fun infinite brawler, Punch Quest. Newcomers to the pugilistic running riot will have to fork over some cold, hard cash in order to gain access to the mayhem. Find out why it's no longer free after the jump.

The once-freemium side-scroller was lauded as one of the best free games to grace the screens of mobile devices not even a week after its release. RocketCat Games was praised for developing an amazing marriage between the Endless Runner and Beat 'Em Up genres.

But it seems that praise was all they received, as "maybe 0.1 percent" of players actually made any in-app purchases, according to designer Kepa Auwae in an interview with Pocketgamer. The developers tried to encourage players to buy from the store by sending out an update that made some of the best items a bit more expensive, but to little avail. The solution? RocketCat has slapped a $0.99 sticker on its baby while maintaining the current prices of all the content in the Lootatorium.

The problem was that the game was too generous in the amount of coins it gave players and much of the content could be experienced without having to spend a dime. Now that there's a price for admission, perhaps RocketCat can cash in on neophytes' need to fight.


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