A 10 Best iOS Endless Running Games list was a lot of fun to put together because it's great to see how creative developers can get with an endless theme. And there are some creative -- and crazy -- ideas in the App Store. Hopefully you'll discover some new gems in this list, or remind yourself that you need to try and beat your old score on a familiar favorite. Press play and don't stop reading through our list of the 10 Best iOS Endless Running Games.

  • 10

    Robot Unicorn Attack

    Turner Broadcasting

    We don't even know where to begin with Robot Unicorn Attack. To be honest, this may be one of the weirdest games we've ever played. Keep your robotic unicorn afloat in a world filled with rainbows, fairies and dolphins, all to the happiest song Erasure has ever written. It's cheese poured on top of weird poured on top of crazy and it all just seems to work. Robot Unicorn Attack's sequel can't even top this weirdness. Must be because of the Erasure song.

  • 9

    Sonic Dash


    It's about time Sonic entered the world of endless runners. Who better to join the genre than the guy who sort of trademarked running like a bat out of hell? Sonic may not re-invent the genre, but the colorful graphics, blazing speed and tight controls Sonic Ball our blue hedgehog straight onto our list. A few upgrades to the game by Sega, and who knows? Sonic could find himself speeding up to the top of the 10 Best Endless Running Games list sooner rather than later.

  • 8

    Tiny Wings HD

    Andreas Illiger

    Here's a title that's more of a flier than a runner. The goal in Tiny Wings is to get to as many islands as you can before the sun sets and night catches up to your bird. Simple one touch controls make the game easy to play but difficult to master. Developer Andreas Illiger is always updating and adding more levels, retina display, more birds to choose from and a cool new racing feature called Flight School. Tiny Birds is a great addition to your endless runner collection.

  • 7

    Save Them All


    It's the end of the world! And only a spikey haired guy with no memory can help save the day. UFO invaders, zombies, meteors and everything else that can kill you stand in your way from saving the human race. This unique endless runner has some cool power-ups to keep the game fresh and fun to play. Another unique thing about it? The high scores reset every 24 hours, creating a mad dash for players to always stay on top. Can you save the world everyday?

  • 6


    Gaijin Studios

    A lot of endless runners are slow and methodical and speed up over time. Not bit.trip.run. This game is nuts from the get go with fantastic level design, an amazing soundtrack and precise controls. It's one of the most well rounded endless runners out there and should be added to your endless runner collection immediately!

  • 5

    Amazing Runner

    iFreyr Games

    This entry in our list of the 10 Best iOS Endless Running Games takes the genre and spins it upside down, sideways, and throws some loops in for good measure. Add in awesome graphics, intuitive touch controls and a crazy endless track that is full of surprises, and you'll get a glimpse into the future of endless running titles.

  • 4


    Emmanuel Monnereau

    Endless runners are hard to make, especially since it seems like its all been done before. Ronin gives gamers a breath of fresh endless running air with gorgeous backgrounds, simple and intuitive controls, and a wonderful mix of story and action. It's one of those apps that came out of nowhere and stabbed us with gaming glee.

  • 3

    Jetpack Joyride


    Jetpack Joyride has been out for a while and it's still one of the best. With a unique theme, awesome power-ups, fun vehicles to ride in like dragons and robotic birds, jackpot spins, colorful backgrounds, crazy gadgets and music, you will not be able to put this game down. Halfbrick is constantly releasing updates, including new characters and items. If you haven't had a chance to play this yet, then strap yourself in, because you're about to embark on one wild endless ride.

  • 2

    Temple Run 2

    Imangi Studios

    How do you improve upon one of the greatest endless runner games ever made? Easy. You put more stuff in it, improve the graphics, the stages, the obstacles, the rewards, the music, the controls, the theme, the tension... you see where we're going here.

  • 1

    Punch Quest

    Rocketcat Games

    What makes an endless runner great? When it's so addicting that you can't stop playing it to see if you can make it just a little bit farther than before. Punch Quest has had this effect on all of us here at Arcade Sushi, and the surprise App Store hit has not only won us over, it's forced us to place it as the #1 entry in our list of the 10 Best iOS Endless Running Games, knocking Jetpack Joyride off of its long standing reign. Don't believe us when we say it's that good? Let us put it this way -- we still play it on a daily basis. And that kind of addiction is all we want from a game.


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