Not long after its triumphant debut, Punch Quest has a brand new update that tweaks a few of the game's mechanics and makes the brutalization of baddies that much better. Find out what's changed and what's on the way!

Punch Quest has been enjoying some popularity since its release and it's good to see that the developers are listening to all of the feedback from fans. The update throws a bone to players who felt sluggish by making it so that spamming the Dash Punch increases your speed. A block or a jump slows you back down to a jog, so mash those buttons because all forward motion counts!

The gnome, who kept a certain member of the Arcade Sushi staff from giving the game a perfect 10 in his review, has received some tweaks and is initially easier to level, making the swarms of bees more manageable. The powers you receive when your character is under the world-warping effects of hallucinogenic food are now also augmented. Thanks to the update, you can save backups to the iCloud via a handy button in the pause menu. Unfortunately, your Punchos and consumables won't carry over.

But perhaps the best news is that this update adds a story cutscene that plays if you wait 10 seconds on the main menu. The origin of our hero's (or heroine's) journey to punch things into oblivion is a short and funny one, sure to elicit a chuckle or two. A future update promises to add pets, but until then, you'll have to make do with these lovely screenshots below for companionship.