Punch Quest, one of our favorite games from last year, has released another update which simply adds to the game's, for lack of a better word, awesomeness.

Eggs are a big part of Punch Quest, and these little boosts enables punchers to transform into different creatures or ride velociraptors. The latest egg available with the update turns players into goats with unicorn horns.

Another update comes from the Power Skill 1 section, and for 40,000 coins you can add Shadow Step to your puncher's repertoire. With this new skill, you can teleport a short distance without incurring damage from your enemies. To teleport, simply use your block commands (simultaneously pressing both the lower right and lower left side of your device) to trigger the power.

Although Punch Quest cost a chunk of change back in November, the game is currently a free download, so check it out before Rocketcat Games has another change of heart.

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