With Nobou Uematsu composing, Yoshitaka Amano on character designs and Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi at the helm, you'll be interested to see the milestone bonuses of Terra Battle's Download Starter campaign.

While most crowdfunded games take to the likes of Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Mistwalker's upcoming tablet and mobile role-playing game, Terra Battle, will award players with gifts and bonus content once the game reaches certain global download milestones. Based on the big names of RPG history involved in the project, we're almost certain that Terra Battle will reach all of its download quotas.

To start, players can pre-register for the game by following Terra Battle's official Twitter and receive 5 Energy (an important in-game currency), once the game launches. Energy will let you restore your in-game stamina, continue a fight after a loss and unlock rare characters. This suggests that Terra Battle will have some sort of pay-to-play engine where you will need this Energy, which can be earned slowly in-game or bought through real-life currency, to keep playing the game over extended periods of time. We really hope this doesn't force you into having to wait hours on end to play Terra Battle if you refuse to buy something like so many free-to-play iOS titles have done in the past.

Terra Battle is a tactical, grid-based RPG that plays unlike anything we have ever seen before. While there have been quite a few grid-based RPGs released on the mobile format, the movement and animations seen in Terra Battle's trailer look absolutely gorgeous. We suggest giving the trailer a look, because Terra Battle's gameplay and much of the unlockable content from its Download Starter campaign look really impressive. In particular, we really hope that Yoshitaka Amano's character designs and art get added from the game reaching the 1.5 million download mark. Amano did the original watercolor character designs and art work for most of the Final Fantasy series. There will also be new music from legendary RPG composer Nobuo Uematsu for one of these Download Starter goals as well.

Terra Battle will launch in October for the iOS and Android format as a free-to-play game, and in-app purchases with real-life currency will be included.