Battlefield 3

Battlefield 4 Announcement
Battlefield 3: End Game has just rolled out, closing out the current downloadable content schedule for the popular first-person shooter. Now that DICE and EA have seemingly finished their work on BF3, could they be announcing the next game in the franchise soon?
It's no big secret that Battlefield 3 has an obsession with dinosaurs thanks to some suggestions from 4chan that said Activision should have included more of the prehistoric behemoths in Modern Warfare 2. The newest expansion, End Game, gives fans even more of what they crave.
BF3 End Game!
The Official Battlefield Blog has been updated with tips on how to complete all of the Assignments and earn every medal, ribbon, dog tog, and trophy/achievement in Battlefield 3: End Game.
Battlefield 3's Bikes
Dirt bikes are coming! We've been exclaiming it for a while now, but it's tough to keep our excitement in check when we know that Battlefield 3's End Game downloadable content pack will let us fly off ramps while launching rocket-powered grenades.

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