Battlefield 3's final piece of downloadable content will be coming in March, which is fast-approaching. What should we expect from Endgame?

According to the official site, Endgame will feature, "some of the most high-seed warfare to date across four vast maps." We can't imagine maps vaster than the Armored Kill DLC's Bandar Desert, but we're ready to be happily surprised.

The DLC will also include new vehicles with which to explore said vast lands. These include a dirt bike and a new dropship. The dirt bike, as can be assumed, will be fast and agile. We don't recommend using one of these bad boys to play chicken with a T-90 tank, but we'd be interested in seeing which one would win.

Endgame will mark the return of the Capture the Flag and Air Superiority game modes. CTF is self-explanatory, but anyone who's never played Air Superiority should know that it features dog fights a-plenty. Everyone gets to jump into the aircraft of their choice and try to shoot each other down in order to take control of a specific point on the map.

All of this fun will be coming to us in March, so get your money ready. If previous packs are any indication, you'll have to shell out $14.99 or 1,200 Microsoft points on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox Live. If you bought the Premium Edition or are a Premium Member, you'll get the DLC for free!

Let us know what you think of this DLC in the comments below. Would you rather ride around on a dirt bike or fly around in the air?