It's no big secret that Battlefield 3 has an obsession with dinosaurs thanks to some suggestions from 4chan that said Activision should have included more of the prehistoric behemoths in Modern Warfare 2. The newest expansion, End Game, gives fans even more of what they crave.

First up is a pterodactyl sighting in the Nevandan map, during a round of Air Superiority. You can spot this winged beast flying around the ridges near the Bravo point. You can view the video from Fire Team Hooligan below, showing you have to spot the creature on the map. It's best to do this while waiting for other players to join on an empty map, otherwise you might get blown to metal ribbons while viewing the pterodactyl in all its prehistoric glory.

The next one is the skull of Tyrannosaurus Rex that can be found on the Nebandan Flats. You need to ride out from the Russian deployment area and get on the little side road on the right. After you ride down the dirt road for a little while, you'll see a wooden fence. If you turn right when the fence ends, you only need to ride out for a few more yards before you come across the skull. The video from The Westie shows you how to get there down below.

Fans keep hoping that the existence of all the dinosaur Easter Eggs will lead up to an eventual Dino Mode or something similar in Battlefield 4. Here's to hoping we'll be able to use a triceratops as a tank in the near future! Watch the vids below and let us know what you think of these Easter Eggs!