Battlefield 3: End Game has just rolled out, closing out the current downloadable content schedule for the popular first-person shooter. Now that DICE and EA have seemingly finished their work on BF3, could they be announcing the next game in the franchise soon?

An invitation sent to IGN from EA asks them to save the date in order to attend an event on March 26th, 2013, during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The invitation, shown in the screenshot below from IGN's video, sports the same color scheme as Battlefield 3, which features a blue background, orange and white text, and some streaky raindrops in the background. Could this hint at Battlefield 4's announcement?

A recent GameStop event had previews for the game and the demos were met with positive reviews, especially from the retailer's CEO, J.Paul Raines. If this GDC event is the next step in debuting the game, then we've got to say that we're pretty excited and are hoping that it will feature a Dino Mode.

What do you think the event will entail? Would you be down for another Battlefield game soon? Let us know in the comments!