Though developers often shift their attentions to new releases when a sequel arrives, DICE might support Battlefield 3 with more content simultaneously with Battlefield 4's launch later this year.

Speaking with OXM UK, DICE producer Crag Mcleod discussed the possibility of keeping the Battlefield 3 community up and running with more downloadable content. "I definitely think that's a possibility," Mcleod said. "I look back to Battlefield 2, which still has a good player base. I now look at Battlefield 3, and I do believe that as we move forward as a studio, BF3 will continue to be played for many years to come."

"End Game," the final bit of DLC for Battlefield 3, is due out on March 12th, and it was assumed DICE would move right along to Battlefield 4 once this add-on was released. However, Mcleod sees potential in the future, and believes both titles will thrive side by side. "I think that also the ability to deliver this digital content in the way that we've done it, and in the way that we've done it allows this to actually go forward and ride alongside other titles," Mcleod added.

It's an interesting idea, and one we hope DICE is able to follow through on. Too often our favorite games are replaced by sequels, and become abandoned sometimes within a year. Added value like continual DLC would certainly alleviate that issue.