What has dirt bikes, helicopters, tons of jets, and intense flag-capturing action? Battlefield 3's Endgame downloadable content does.

A new trailer has gone up, courtesy of EA and DICE, which shows off how dirt bikes and Capture the Flag will work on the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3.

End Game will feature four new maps, new dog tags, the aircraft-focused Air Superiority mode, new assignments, a new dropship, and the return of Capture the Flag. And as we can see from the trailer, all kinds of chaos can ensue when you put all of these elements together.

Since End Game is the fifth and final DLC pack to roll out, we can only assume that DICE will turn their attention to Battlefield 4. Frankly, we can't wait for more Battlefield goodness.

If past DLC packs are any indicator, End Game will cost $14.99, or 1,200 Microsoft Points. If you're a Premium Member, you'll get it for free!

Check out the trailer and tell us if you're going to partake in the multiplayer dirt bike shenanigans.