Battlefield 3's End Game downloadable content is less than a month away! The Battlefield Blog is giving us a sneak peek at how one of the returning multiplayer modes, Capture the Flag, will work in this DLC.

The Battlefield Blog gives us the skinny on CTF's return and what role the speedy dirt bike can play when it comes to running the flag.

According to the blog, the bike is, "the perfect getaway vehicle for when you've snatched the enemy flag and need to wheelie back to your home base." We can pull wheelies all the way to victory? That's all they had to say!

What is probably the best feature of using a dirt bike as a getaway is that you can have a passenger with you, which can provide some defense as you zip away with the enemy flag.

As for the mechanics of the game mode itself, the blog says that capturing a flag is as easy as running to it, picking it up, and then dashing back to your base. Picking up a dropped flag is not as easy though, and requires players to hover around it as if it was a capture point.

The locations of flag spawn points and home bases also change during matches, making for a more dynamic multiplayer experience. This means that fights for flags can happen anywhere on the map and at any time.

Look forward to zipping around with a flag hanging off the back of your dirt bike when End Game becomes available next month!