Look alive you maggots, there's gonna be a Starship Troopers game hitting the App Store soon! You better be locked, loaded, and ready for action. Because everyone fights!

Believe it or not, they've been making Starship Troopers movies ever since the first one underwhelmed audiences at the box offices in 1997. Perhaps a reason for all the sequels is that the original has actually become a cult classic since it flopped, with many movie and sci-fan fans having discovered how ahead of its time and darkly funny it was. Plus hey, it's got Neil Patrick Harris.

The latest in these movies is an all animated flick called Starship Troopers Invasion. And to go along with the movie, they've made a game as well. According to this hands on preview over at Slide to Play, the gameplay will be in the over-the-shoulder auto-running style of games like Temple Run ... only with more lasers and exploding bugs.

There's no specific release date yet, but according to the Twitter account for the game, they are testing it right now and looking to release it later this year. Also, we just want to point out that the pun in the title of this game is not lost on us. Ooh-rah gents!

Check out some footage below in this teaser trailer: