Lucy Bradshaw, head of Maxis, took control of SimCity's official Twitter handle to answer some burning questions from the gaming community.

Bradshaw took any and all questions on Twitter yesterday for a period of 45 minutes. As expected, a lot of the questions had to do with the always-on nature of SimCity, whether or not Maxis will allow for a patch that will enable offline play, and requests for more stability.

The game was built with multiplayer in mind, since cities don't exist in bubbles. We imagine that Bradshaw has been asked that question ad nauseam, since she gave a response to it already.

Another common question was whether or not the servers would be fixed soon. Bradshaw replied by saying that they added 120% more capacity and are continuing to make server stability a priority.

One of the questions concerned EA boss, John Riccitello and whether or not he actually played video games.

It was asked why there's no indication on the Select a Server menu to let you know which servers house your cities. An update today has revealed that this feature is now live, so players no longer have to hunt down their cities when other servers are down.

All in all, a lot of the questions asked were ones that had already been answered through other avenues such as SimCity updates on the launcher or on the official site. Thanks to the rising server stability, online play has been going much more smoothly, though.

Look for our review of the game soon, now that the servers aren't freaking out and deleting our cities.