It seemed like you couldn't go on any videogame news site every day this week without seeing something about SimCity and its launch troubles. Maxis and EA have taken steps to improve their customers' experiences and fix the issues plaguing the game's debut, but today Lucy Bradshaw, head of Maxis, will answer fan questions on Twitter regarding the game and its current state.

A tweet from the SimCity handle went out this morning, letting fans know that Bradshaw will be answering questions from 12:00PM - 12:45PM PST (3:00PM - 3:45PM EST), today on Twitter.

Any and all queries you might have should be tagged with #asklucy, though in an interview with Polygon, Bradshaw has already answered a few questions that echoed the concerns of SimCity fans regarding the launch.

When asked why EA and Maxis weren't better prepared for the game's server issues after seeing the launch week troubles of other online games such as Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft, she said, "Each game launch is very different and it's not as simple as saying we didn't have enough capacity. A perfect storm of highly technical issues related to MASSIVE demand cannot be anticipated, only addressed. We are committed to making this right."

Another huge issue that players have is with the always-online aspect of the game. Bradshaw said that the plan was always to make SimCity an online game because they "wanted to explore the dynamics between cities as they exist within regions. Real cities don't exist in bubbles; they specialize and trade resources, workers and more."

"With the way that the game works, we offload a significant amount of the calculations to our servers so that the computations are off the local PCs and are moved into the cloud. It wouldn't be possible to make the game offline without a significant amount of engineering work by our team," said Bradshaw.

You can read more of the interview here and then take to Twitter to have your questions about SimCity answered! If you bought the game, have you had a good experience with it? If not, what are you hoping EA and Maxis will do? Let us know in the comments!