The director of the hit 2013 horror flick 'Mama' (produced by Guillermo del Toro) will be heading the live film adaptation of Team Ico's PlayStation 2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus.

Polygon reports that Andrés Muschietti has been announced by Sony Pictures as the director of the Shadow of the Colossus film, which will be based on the 2005 hit PlayStation 2 title. Muschietti doesn't have much directing experience when it comes to big budget movies, but he has done many short films and television series throughout South America. He is widely known for directing the 2013's horror movie, 'Mama,' which starred Jessica Chastain, the lead actress of 'Zero Dark Thirty,' and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister in 'Game of Thrones.'

The Shadow of the Colossus film originally had Josh Trank set to direct it, who has moved on to direct the Fantastic Four reboot for 20th Century fox. Trank is also set to direct a standalone Star Wars film afterwards. The Colossus screenplay is being written by Seth Lochhead, who helped write 'Hanna.'

Sony Pictures claims that Muschietti loved the original story of the game and wants to create "a film that stays true to the human story of a young man attempting to save his lost love by accomplishing a seemingly impossible task ... the destruction of the colossi who roam the forbidden land."

Stay tuned as we will provide up-to-date coverage on Shadow of the Colossus' Hollywood adaptation as it rolls into the early stages of pre-production.

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