Sony and Team Ico have shocked the world by finally giving us a gameplay trailer for what we thought we'd never see, The Last Guardian.

Hell has frozen over — new footage of The Last Guardian has been revealed as well as its launch window. We're still in shock over this big reveal, so let's put the surprise away and take a look at what it actually features. The Last Guardian has you playing as a little boy who is helped by his large, chimera-like protector, Trico. Watch the gameplay trailer above to see the boy try to navigate some decrepit ruins as his massive companion helps in the unique ways that he can.

We must admit that these graphics are a little lackluster, which makes sense considering how long this game has been in development. There's just something about the overall visuals of the background, foreground, environments, the boy and Trico that just do not mesh well once everything is in motion. That and the boy needs some new lines of audio, because his call to Trico got annoying rather quickly.

We still can't believe it, but The Last Guardian will be hitting the PS4 sometime in 2016.

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