Despite some recent hiccups in renewing its trademark, Sony claims that Team Ico is still working hard at bringing The Last Guardian to life, despite how long it has been taking.

GameSpot reports that a recent administrative error at Sony has led to the trademark of The Last Guardian accidentally running out. For the past few years, Sony has been annually renewing the game's trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Since this did not happen for 2015, the license was not renewed and the world assumed the worst, that the long-awaited next project from Team Ico (which has been in development since 2007) was finally cancelled. Mind you, Team Ico's last project was the stellar PlayStation 2 hit from 2005, Shadow of the Colossus.

Sony has revealed that The Last Guardian's lack of a trademark renewal was simply due to clerical errors at its North American offices. The Sony member who was responsible for renewing the trademark is no longer with the company and this may have led to all the recent worry about The Last Guardian's cancellation. The lengthy development time of The Last Guardian has left many fans wondering if a game could take that long to create and still deliver. Based on its previous works, we believe Team Ico is a studio that is worth the wait. Nevertheless, we're glad to see Sony step forward to confirm that the development for The Last Guardian continues.

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