Breakout the sunblock, the makers of Remember Me and Life is Strange have announced that they have a new RPG in the works, Vampyr.

Gematsu reports that Dontnod Entertainment has announced that it is working on Vampyr, a new RPG that is going to be put out by the French indie game publisher, Focus Home Interactive. Unlike most traditional RPGs that have you slaying various creatures of the night, Dontnod will put you in the shoes of a vampire adjusting to the life. Hopefully Vampyr lives up to the standards set by the Vampire: The Masquerade series. The game will have you playing as a doctor in a post World War I era dealing with an epidemic of Spanish Flu. After being bitten by one of his patients, he has some new lifestyle changes with which to become accustomed. Of course, you'll be hit with the ethical dilemmas as you must choose between the doctor and monster's aspects of your being as you either save people or kill them for the sake of feeding.

Vampyr's creation is going to be the debut project of Dontnod Entertainment's second development team and is expected for a 2017 release.

Dontnod Entertainment

Time to get that Belmont music ready: