The minds behind the time-travelling adventure game Life Is Strange said some big changes would happen if season two gets green-lit.

In an interview with Polygon, Dontnod Entertainment producer Luc Baghadoust and co-game director/art director Michel Koch had some intriguing things to say about a potential second season of Life Is Strange. Of course, the possibility of a second season of Life Is Strange is based on how well the first season sells and whether or not Dontnod's team would like to revisit the franchise. Nevertheless, it looks like the story of Chloe and Max will end within the next few episodes, regardless of what the Dontnod team does in the future. Baghadoust mentions that the current story will be finished within the next couple of episodes, but that doesn't mean they can't continue the series itself. Koch likened it to True Detective and American Horror Story, which featured a new cast of characters and an entirely different premise each season.

"We would love to have the opportunity to do another season," Baghadoust said. "We're working so hard to finish Episodes 4 and 5. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of stress. We have a limit of time to put out each episode. We want to stick to the eight week release between each episode as much as we can."

"We can really go with other characters, other locations, but still keep the identity of the game, the themes of the game," Koch added. "We're really liking working on an episodic format. I think it's a strong way to create a strong story to write the characters and to have good pacing and good control over the flow of the game. It can really pull the community together when the player can talk about the game together, making stories."

Dontnod's next game, Vampyr, won't be episodic, but Koch said they'd be willing to revisit the format again in the future.

"The idea is that we try to keep the eight-week time frame between each episode, but we are still working on Episode 4. It should be ready quite soon."