Dontnod Entertainment's new trailer for Life is Strange looks more fun than a barrel full of 12 monkeys — episode two is right around the corner and here's the primer for it (puns intended).

Life is Strange Episode Two, entitled 'Out of Time,' features the return of Max in all of her temporal-distortion-filled glory. The basic premise of the game is that Max, an everyday teenager, has been gifted with a shaky version of precognition as well as the ability to turn back time. This obviously comes in handy in more ways than one, but there's one thing that Max can't figure out — what is the tornado that she keeps envisioning and what does it mean?

As you play the game as Max, it will be your job to find answers as well as figure out the best way to use your powers to turn back time. You will be reunited with your childhood friend, Chloe, who will be coming along with you on all your wild rides to try and make the town of Blackwell a less deadly place. We haven't seen a train collision in a time-travelling story since Back to the Future 3, which is awesome. We're not fans of the sappy, romantic comedy-esque song at the end, though.

If you're think you're up for the task and ready to take on life as Max, you can play the first episode of Life is Strange now in preparation for March 24, when the second episode launches for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.