Tomorrow, the greatest fighting game to ever have been designed is going to hit Steam, the PS3, and the PS Vita. Yes, I am talking about Divekick, the game where the controls are Dive and Kick, the characters are Dive and Kick, and the strategy is Dive and Kick. This may sound like nothing other than a stupid parody to you, but think again! This is one of the most hardcore fighting games out there. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at these 10 Reasons Why You Should Play Divekick that we have put together from our many demos and previews. Then, be on the lookout for our full Divekick review when the game drops in the next couple of days.

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    The Indie Scene

    Divekick is a game that started as a joke between a few fighting gamers. It grew to popularity at a fan run fighting game tournament, UFGT. It was Kickstarted by fighting gamers with the help of the fighting game community until a small outlet, known for re-releasing fighting games, picked it up. This is the story of Divekick, and it shows why buying Divekick supports the indie scene. If there is any reason why you should play it, it’s to support developers trying to make their dream game work.

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    Fan Input

    You may have remembered that Divekick was originally a Kickstarted game before it got a full publishing deal. Well, they aren’t welching on those Kickstarter promises. New characters are being added to fulfill the wants of people who donated a certain amount of money, and fan made quotes from Uncle Sensei are shown at the beginning of every match. This is a game that knows its fanbase and wants to please it in any way possible.

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    Serious Designers

    The main designer of Divekick is none other than Adam Heart a.k.a. Keits, former editor-in-chief of, and Proud designer at Iron Galaxy studios. Keits has worked on some of the best Capcom fighting game revivals, including Darkstalkers: Resurrection. He has also been a pro gamer since the scene was still young. If you can trust anyone with your game balance, you can trust him.

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    Major Tournaments

    Divekick has a ton of support from its developer.  They donated $5000 at EVO as a pot bonus for the first official pro Divekick tournament… and the game wasn’t even out. If you are looking to earn some major swag on the pro gaming circuit, this may be your title.

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    Fraud Detection

    Finally, a fighting game that knows how to rub it in. If you win four times in a row in Divekick, the Fraud Detection Siren blares, ready to humiliate your opponent. Shut him out by winning five times in a row and he will get a Fraud Stamp, marking him as a loser for all eternity. Just don’t let him run it back because if he manages to win five in a row, defeating you after the fraud siren blared, then you get the even worse Choke Stamp.

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    Wonky Storyline

    Fighting game stories tend to suck, but not here. It’s one of the 10 Reasons Why You Should Play Divekick. So here is the actual storyline: Dive Kick and Kick Kick are brothers from West Philadelphia. However, after getting into a schoolyard altercation, their mother, Mama Kick, sends them away to live with their Uncle Sensei to learn the art of Divekick in self-defense (Mama Kick used to be Mama Sensei until she married.) Unfortunately, a skunk bear named Redacted has been plaguing Uncle Sensei by chewing on all of his cigars. Also there’s a Divekicking tournament. Now, fight!

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    Accessible Controls

    Dive and kick… that’s it. That’s completely it. Like… that’s all you have to do. Dive into the air… kick to the ground. OK, sometimes you have to press both buttons at once to do a special move, but if you can’t handle that, how did you manage to use a computer to find this website in the first place?

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    Real Strategy

    While Divekick may look like a parody, it’s really a very deep game. When all you can do is dive and kick, spacing is absolutely key. When you lose in Divekick, you know it’s because you screwed up, or that your opponent out played you. There’s no projectile spam or 100 hit combos here.

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    Custom Controllers

    The Huffers from Hit-Box Arcade worked really hard to create the Kick-Box two button controller. It’s a full metal box with a plexiglass overlay embedded with two high quality Sanwa push buttons. It’s a work of art, and it’s made specifically for this game.

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    Hilarious Fighting Game Parodies

    The real reason why you should play Divekick is because it’s a game by fighting gamers for fighting gamers. Several of its characters are parodies of real professional gamers. Mr. N is a parody of Marn. Jefailey is a parody of Jebailey. S-Kill is a parody of Seth Killian. Markman is… he’s not even a parody. He’s just Markman from Madcatz. When you get the jokes in Divekick, you know that you are a part of the fighting game community. In our 10 Reasons Why You Should Play Divekick, this is #1.


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