First, we had those guys who played Doom on a hacked ATM machine. Now, we have a modder who was able to play the FPS classic, Quake, on a Hitachi V-422 oscilloscope.

Kotaku reports that Finland-based modder Pekka Vaananen was able to get his Hitachi V-422 oscilloscope to act as a display so he could play Quake on it. Oscilloscopes are a type electronic testing equipment that lets you measure and observe continuous signal voltages. Voltages are measured on the oscilloscope's screen as a two-dimensional plot that measures voltage as time progresses. Non-electric signals (like sounds or various kinds of input) can be measured and recorded by the oscilloscope as if the device thought it was a voltage, which is kind of how Vaananen was able to play Quake on one.

Vaananen used a laptop to render Quake for the oscilloscope and as input for its controls. He also posted a rather complicated and detailed breakdown of how he was able to play the FPS classic on his oscilloscope. Just watch the video above and try not to blink.

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