Bethesda has finally revealed gameplay of Id Software's Doom at E3 2015, and let's just say it was worth the wait.

We all know Bethedsa is hosting an E3 panel, they're showcasing Doom, so let's get straight into the action. The first gameplay trailer for Doom started off with a person putting on a Spartan-esque helmet, resulting in the game's HUD appearing onscreen. A shotgun is used at the default weapon as the player is seen double jumping through a futuristic foundry that is likely to host the molten remains of a T-800. Out of nowhere, demons start spawning all over the level and the shells start flying. We should note that the player was able to incapacitate a demon, run up to it stunned, break off its leg and jam the stump into the monster's face, which is needless to say, awesome. After opening a door, the player finds a bloody hallway filled with corpses. On one of the bodies was a super shotgun. As you would expect, it made demons' bodies blow up into gooey bits.

The player fought off a few enemies brandishing laser-based weapons as he found an upgrade to his first shotgun that added explosive rounds and rapid fire. The next weapon featured after that was a plasma rifle. We're loving the new melee finishing moves, including a part where a demon's lower jaw was ripped from its face. After activating a computer terminal, you get to see a holographic recording of the massive demon that killed the local science team. The player then ripped off the hand of a nearby scientist's corpse to activate the security panel and open the next door. Much to our delight, the player found a chainsaw in the next room, resulting in some epic death sequences. Everything looked amazing, and these visuals subliminally confirmed that this incarnation of Doom would not be hitting last-gen consoles.

After showcasing the gameplay, ID Software revealed details about the game's online multiplayer, which focuses on fast-paced gameplay that should cater to old school FPS fans, especially PC vets. In the middle of combat, the player grew flaming pentagrams in his palms as he changed from a human to a demon with shoulder-mounted rocket launchers and kept fighting in the online match. The variety of guns, fast paced gameplay and multitude of demons will make Doom's multiplayer a much-needed breath of fresh air for competitive FPS gameplay. Lastly, ID Software revealed that gamers will be able to customize their own online matches in Doom: SnapMap. SnapMap is like a level creator cranked to the extreme, letting you bend the rules of the game to however you'd like to see.

Finally, we got to see Hell, literally, in a second single-player mode gameplay demo (featured below). This environment was much different than the Mars-based foundry. There are all kinds of demons and spirits around, and most of them don't take kindly to anyone with a human soul. As you'd expect, there are hellspawn coming out of the wood works here, making things extremely tense.

It's time to blast the death metal, because Doom looks to make amends for its years of delays. One of the new enemy types is a chubby demon filled with plasma-dispersing tech. After killing it, your character ripped a glowing panel off of its chest, shoved it down the demon's throat and made it self destruct. At the very end of the trailer, the towering statue in the center of the level came alive and aimed a massive energy weapon at you while the player started charging a BFG shot in its direction before the screen went blank.

Doom was been confirmed for a Spring 2016 release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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