The Doom series' co-creator, John Romero, celebrates the classic FPS' 21st anniversary with a slew of behind the scenes art.

Doom has hit its 21st birthday and you officially feel older than you did when PlayStation turned 20. FPS revolutionary and Doom co-creator John Romero was so excited about his game's 21st birthday that he tweeted a whole bunch of Doom art that the public has never seen before, Polygon reports. Arch-vile, Cyberdemon and Revenant are only a few of the original scans that Romero is showing off for its 21st birthday, and there is a lot more.

Some of the new content revealed was unused wall textures and a pretty appetizing pile of meat mixed with the original in-game font. He also included some seriously vintage-looking pictures of the crew from 1994, a year after the original Doom was launched. The reveal didn't stop there -- about 60 extra pictures were added for the Doom fans' viewing pleasure.

It seems fitting that after 14 years of time off, Romero would pick Doom's 21st year to come back into game development and that he would be working on a brand new shooter. Make sure you check Romero's Twitter, as he's still adding even more Doom art. Thank you for all the memories, Mr. Romero -- we can't wait to see what you do next.

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