Since we can all agree that PlayStation turning twenty makes us all feel like old geezers, Sony has decided to lighten the burden by coming out with a special edition PlayStation 4 to commemorate the anniversary.

Previously, PlayStation Japan came out with a YouTube video to commemorate all the games that have sneaked their way into people's hearts over the twenty years. Now, Sony has even more news as was posted on its PlayStation Blog today--it's coming out with a special 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4. In the video above, you can catch this very special PlayStation 4 in all it's glory.

The Special Edition PlayStation 4 will feature the same color as the original PlayStation--that iconic grey--as well as the now famous symbols that Sony has placed on its buttons ever since the PSOne arrived. Sony also sneaked a little '2' into the button etchings to represent the twenty years the PlayStation has been out. Also included in the box is a stand for the console itself as well as a controller and the camera that also "gives a nod" to the original PlayStation controllers.

As PlayStation's Digital Communications Senior Manager, Sid Shuman, points out in the video, this console will be sold in extremely limited quantities. This PlayStation will only have 12,300 units sold globally so, if you want one, you'd better act fast and make sure to follow the PlayStation Experience keynote for more information about the pre-orders, which will open on Dec. 6.

No price has been announced for the U.S. as of yet, but the European PlayStation Blog lists the system at €499. We'll see this weekend what the price will be stateside.