In one of the biggest shows of "why the heck not?", an intrepid modder has effectively turned Doom II into a faithful recreation of Donkey Kong Country. Yeah, this is a thing.

Modder DooMero saw fit to inject some jungle japes into the classic first-person shooter, Doom II. Because the latter game is so dark and incredibly violent, the fact that DooMero's turned it into a full recreation of the original Donkey Kong Country seems even more ridiculous.

The demo that's been released includes 10 levels plus a test map for mappers and the ability to configure your own controls to match that of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System's layout. The GZDoom mod is available for download through a variety of mirrors in the video's description, so you, too, can roll around as Donkey Kong in a bid to save Diddy Kong... in Doom II.

Even when Doom meets Donkey Kong, you better hope they get their gun sound effects right.