What's better than a live-action Doom recreation? The 'Mythbusters' version.

With a new Doom on the horizon in addition to the series' 21st anniversary, what better way to celebrate than to have the team over at 'Mythbusters' recreate the game that we just can't stop playing? The video above shows a little snippet of the live-action goodness that will encompass the TV show with Adam starting out the game. He runs down, finds a gun, checks a few hallways for safe measure and then gets jump scared. You can also see little flashes of the other scenes that will inevitably be in the show.

Tim Willits of id Software will also be joining Adam and Jamie as they try to uncover all the mysteries behind the game. The one thing they will specifically be testing is if it's really practical to have all these things in your inventory? Additionally, the hour-long episode will spotlight more video games, though the rest of the myths to be busted haven't been teased yet.

You can check out this new, video game-centric episode of 'Mythbusters' on Jan. 31 at 9PM EST.

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