If there's one thing we learned from Dante Hicks, using an ATM could mean your Doom, but these guys take it one step further.

YouTube user Aussie 50 has posted a video where he and his friends hack the computer of an Australian automated teller machine (ATM) to play the original 1993 PC classic, Doom. The results are absolutely mind-boggling as to how these guys were able to even get the ATM's speakers to play the game's audio.

On the technical side, Aussie 50 and his friends cracked open an NCR Personas AMT and its OEM PC and display to make this happen. After playing with the machine's I-PAC 2, they were able to actually get the side buttons to work. During the video, you see them take apart the ATM's PIN pad and reconnect it to the machine and get it to play as a makeshift controller.

What could be more impressive than playing Doom on an ATM you might ask? Playing it on a truck-mounted LED billboard.

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