We recently announced that Puzzles & Dragons reached 41 million worldwide downloads and now, to celebrate, GungHo Online is bringing two new games to the West in one awesome bundle.

Puzzles & Dragons Z and Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition will both be heading over to America for the Nintendo 3DS. Both games were previously released in Japan where they have thrived enough that GungHo has decided to launch them together overseas.

Puzzles & Dragons Z boasts more RPG elements than the original with quests, NPCs and towns. You will explore the land of Dracomacia while you battle your enemies by solving lots of puzzles. Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition will bring all the fun of the first game and move everything over to the Mushroom Kingdom. The levels will be set up in "traditional Mario fashion" and your goal will be to rescue Princess Peach (no surprise there). You'll have to intricately puzzle-solve your way through Bowser's forces in order to rescue the Princess at the end.

These two games will be coming out as a pair in May 2015, so make sure to charge your 3DS in preparation.

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