The mobile phenomenon Puzzles & Dragons has been out for just over two years now and has reached a whopping 41 million downloads.

Puzzles & Dragons is hugely popular in its origin country, Japan, and has just started to spread across the United States and Canada. The people over at Destructoid are assuming that when the game comes out with its crossover project with Nintendo that it will soar further than it currently is in the United States. It's no big secret as to why -- GungHo Online is looking to pair its current game with Super Mario Bros., a hugely popular game in North America. However, it is of note that it only took Puzzles & Dragons a few months -- from August until now -- to reach six million downloads in the United States and Canada. The numbers are of course counted throughout the world, but the number is still pretty impressive for a mobile game.

We'll just have to see what GungHo Online has planned for its crossover game and if it will bring the numbers the development company is looking for in North America... if it actually releases over here.

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