After debuting six years ago and spawning a bunch of spin-offs, Angry Birds 2 has finally hatched.

Rovio has unleashed its new flock in the form of Angry Birds 2. This physics-based slingshot game still revolves around the same concept: a bunch of round, limbless birds must be shot into the fortifications of the evil, green piggies so their eggs can be retrieved. Spanning dozens of levels, it's up to you to get the right trajectory to ensure maximum devastation when it comes to wrecking the piggies' compounds. As usual, Angry Birds 2 still involves the birds being launched, but you must decide which birds to use, as each stage now has multiple buildings and levels to them, making things decisively harder.

In terms of new features, there are new boss piggies, which are huge and are going to take some kind of elaborate fall or building collapse to destroy. Also, the piggies' buildings are much bigger this time around, as some will require some planning and aiming with your shots. Just as there are giant piggies, there are also a couple of ginormous birds to shoot as well. During the trailer (featured above), you can also see that there is some sort of item/card system that gives your birds spells and special attacks to use in mid-flight. Hopefully these are the changes needed to reignite interest in the series.

Angry Birds 2 is now available for the iOS and Android formats.

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