After debuting in 2009 and over a dozen spin-offs, Angry Birds is finally getting a full-fledged sequel.

Rovio has announced that it is finally launching Angry Birds 2 this month. The studio claims that this is the 52nd game release featuring the slingshot-shooting birds and exploding bad piggies (52 seems rather steep, they're likely counting each console and format entry separately). Nevertheless, after 3 billion downloads, a variety of spin-offs, crossovers and celeb collaborations, Rovio is finally giving us Angry Birds 2, which is strange because we thought they'd be doing spin-offs and crossovers until the end of time.

This past October, Rovio announced a restructuring of its offices and a variety of layoffs (over 16 percent of its entire workforce) in order to compensate for the Angry Birds' franchise's declining profits. We have a feeling that announcing an official sequel is meant to respark interest in the franchise in order to make a different entry of the series that stands out from all the spin-offs that have started to blur into one another. Nevertheless, Angry Birds has evolved from just being a smartphone game to being a multi-million dollar franchise. I have a feeling that the oversaturation of Angry Birds spin-offs and crossovers just watered-down the franchise and started to simmer down overall interest. Nevertheless, we can't wait to see what happens in this upcoming entry.

Angry Birds 2 will launch for the iOS and Android formats on July 30.

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