There’s no better time to be a 3DS owner than right now. The library of games on the 3DS is arguably one of the best on any handheld system ever. Just about every one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises are represented on the 3DS. With multiple Zelda, Mario and Pokemon games to choose from, there’s no lack of options for gamers on the 3DS. This year alone there have been numerous fantastic games for the 3DS as well as plentiful additions to the Amiibo catalog.

Of course, games aren't the only great thing about the 3DS, and certainly not the only thing on 3DS owners' wishlists. There’s also a growing list of accessories such as figures and art books to add to your 3DS collection for players who already have every game they need. So with this vast library of games, it’s not always easy to shop for 3DS players. Luckily this list is here to narrow it down to the best games for any 3DS gamer this holiday season.

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