GungHo Online Entertainment's popular Puzzle & Dragons mobile game collides with the biggest RPG series of them all, Final Fantasy.

As GungHo Online is hard at work on the Super Mario Bros. Edition of Puzzle & Dragons for the Nintendo 3DS, it decided it would be a good time to add another crossover event to its popular mobile title, Kotaku reports. It seems that GungHo is intent on making its game more known by tying in some of our favorite franchises. The puzzle/RPG hybrid first debuted in Japan in 2012 where it became wildly popular (it recently reached 41 million downloads worldwide), but its developers seem to be discouraged by its number of downloads in other regions. A few months ago, it had a collaboration with DC Comics where its most famous superheroes appeared in the game as a sort of cameo event. GungHo recently announced it's bringing Mario into the mix with a 3DS spin-off game featuring the Super Mario Bros. world and characters. Now, it wants to do another collaborative crossover and it's looking to Final Fantasy.

There are no concrete details about what this collaboration will include, but if it's anything like the one that GungHo had with DC, you can expect your favorite Final Fantasy characters to be making their rounds through the game for about two weeks. There may even be a new dungeon to satiate your hunger for more Final Fantasy.

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on this crossover once more information is available. Until then, you can get ready for Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, which will be coming at us in May for the Nintendo 3DS.

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