While Flappy Bird has been pulled from the downloadable market, phones have been starting to appear on eBay with the advertised feature of having the retired flyer pre-installed on them.

According to these listings on eBay, an increasing amount of phones have been posted for sale that advertise having Flappy Bird installed on them. This is to appeal to those who were too late to join in the bird's short-lived success. Dong Nguyen, the sole developer of .GEARS Studios and creator of Flappy Bird has yet to offer a viable reason for the endless runner game's departure from app stores worldwide.

While we're sure that some of these bids are fake (such as the one that is currently priced at $20,000), this is meant to prey on those late in finding out just how frustrating Flappy Bird can get.

Luckily, the flood of Flappy Bird knockoffs currently on the digital market have had an increase in popularity after the original's title's disappearance for those still hoping to try to navigate a cycloptic bird through an arrangement of giant, Mario-esque pipes. Some claim that these similar titles are actually better than the original. We just hope that no one ends up breaking one of these unfairly-priced phones after buying one.

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