Just as viewers anxiously await the next season of Game of Thrones, gamers anxiously await the next episode of Telltale's adventure. It's almost here, and this launch trailer should get you sufficiently hyped.

Game of Thrones, Episode Two: The Lost Lords will be the second episode in the six-part series that Telltale Games has been developing. This installment will have you playing the role of master strategist as you try to keep House Forrester afloat, with unlikely match-ups and less-than-appealing deals for both Mira Forrester and Asher Forrester. You will also have to tackle the North Wall as Gared Tuttle after he is exiled by his family. Nestled safely between season three and four, this storyline is perfect for 'Song of Ice and Fire' fans who just need a constant fix of betrayal and intrigue.

Will there be a savior for the Forrester family and will Gared Tuttle survive the coldest wall in all Westeros? That's up to you to decide when this episode arrives on Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android and PC platforms this week.

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