A 10 best physics games list is a highly debatable one. There are so many physics based games in the App Store, how does one choose which are the best and which are the mediocre? And who's to say one "best" pick is better than a more obscure title? Physics games should be approachable, have great graphics, and most importantly, fluid and easy to learn gameplay with a nice difficulty curve. Otherwise you'll get bored and move on to the next game. Do your 10 best match ours? Let's find out!

  • 10

    Feed Me Oil


    Another bright, colorful and fun Chillingo game kicks off our best physics game list. Oil is draining from a pipe and killing all of the pretty things in the world. Use various platforms to feed the oil to a safe dumping ground. The nursey rhyme music compliments the whimsical gameplay.

  • 9

    Cover Orange

    FDG Mobile Games

    Stupid acid rain clouds! Why are they messing with my oranges? Cover Orange is a cute physics based game with one simple rule -- cover the oranges! Drop various objects onto the playfield, creating a bridge for your orange to hide under. if he's exposed in the slightest, the always laughing acid cloud of doom will dissolve him. It's a really cool game that will test your puzzle skills in a different way. If only they could make a scratch-n-sniff version...

  • 8

    Tiki Totems 2

    Rafal Staszewski

    Tiki Totems 2 is one of those rare sequels that manages to not only improve upon the original, but make you forget it even existed. With over 280 levels, three game modes and the perplexing puzzle of keeping your tiki from touching the ground, you'll be scratching your head trying to figure out how to solve each block busting level. It takes ingenuity and some quick reflexes. Don't let the tiki villagers down!

  • 7

    Where's My Perry?

    Disney Interactive

    The sequel to the best-selling Where's My Water?, Where's My Perry? gives fans more of the amusing puzzles that they loved so much in the first game. Use water in all of its various forms to solve each level and help out Perry, the character from the popular Disney show Phineas and Ferb. Unlock collectibles and bonus levels as you try and defeat the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz. It's fun, it's cute and it's Disney. What more could you ask more? Besides another sequel, that is.

  • 6

    Where's My Water?

    Disney Interactive

    The first game is still being downloaded like crazy, and there's a reason why -- it's fun to play. The clever levels, the funny characters, the amusing backstory, the mind boggling amount of levels (350 and climbing) and fluid, flowing physics will have you staring at your iPhone or iPad for hours. Just make sure you stop playing long enough to shower in-between 24-hour Where's My Water? gaming sessions.

  • 5

    Angry Birds Rio


    Angry Birds Rio is on this list instead of the original Angry Birds or Angry Birds Seasons because it has tons of content, boss fights, creative levels, beautiful graphics, and fun settings in each of the stages. Forget its connection to the animated movie. Rio stands on its own as a game filled with so much fun and creative content that you'll be playing it until you complete every level and look for every hidden fruit. It's just as addicting as the other Angry Birds games, but its tropical flavor sets it a notch above the rest.

  • 4

    Cut the Rope


    Cut the Rope took casual gamers by surprise. It made our 10 best physics game list because the simple goal of getting candy to the cute Om Nom character was both challenging and fun. Before you knew it, you were sucked into the game's charming presentation and charismatic character. With 275 levels and tons of bonus content, Cut the Rope is a pretty tasty deal for any gamer with a sweet tooth.

  • 3

    World of Goo HD

    2D Boy

    What a mess. Not the game, mind you, the creatures in it. Create a bridge using different kinds of goo balls and lead them to the suction pipe. It's a messy job but someone has to do it, especially when your goo bridge starts to collapse because you're unable to figure out how to balance the bridge and keep it from teetering to one side or the other. It's a puzzle within a puzzle and it's tons of fun. World of Goo features great graphics and sound. Just don't forget to clean up your mess when you're through.

  • 2

    Angry Birds Star Wars


    Angry Birds Space used to be on this list, but it has been bumped ever since Angry Birds Star Wars came out. The combination of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space levels, coupled with the birds and piggies skinned in Star Wars characters, makes for the best experience one could have in the franchise. The Force is with all of us in the best Angry Birds game to date.

  • 1

    Contre Jour HD


    So close, Angry Birds Star Wars, so close! You almost made it to the top. Unfortunately for you, Contre Jour HD tops our 10 best physics game list because it's simply breathtaking to look at. Each level is beautifully designed, original and clever. The graphics seem to pop out at you, and each new stage and world shows you something that looks even better than the stage before it. The simple goal of morphing the landscape around the creature Petit and guiding it to safety is incredibly addicting. With a relaxing score by composer David Ari Leon, you'll be amazed at just how stunning this game is, and you'll quickly learn why it deserves to be at our #1 spot.