Remember Me

In a bit of a spoiler-filled trailer, Dontnod has decided to focus on the enemies protagonist Nilin will have to overcome in Remember Me.

Based on what we see in this footage, Nilin is going to have some sweet moves. We already knew Remember Me would include a robust and customizable combat system, but this trailer gives a really good sense of how different foes will need different approaches to overcome them.

While there aren't any narrative spoilers to speak of, the trailer does show off what appears to be two major villains in the story. It's a shame too, as until now, there's been a lot of mystery surrounding Remember Me. The reveal of the two characters doesn't really mean anything right now out of context, but that they have actual names instead of generic soldier titles seems to lend them a bit more importance to the overall picture.

Regardless of the small details being revealed, Remember Me is looking more impressive with each update. Hopefully Dontnod will have some success, and Remember Me will turn out well. We could use a few more games with a female lead on the shelves.