When we first reported on the Skullgirls indiegogo campaign, the team had shattered all expectations, managing to reach their 150,000 goal in a little under a day. Now, the team has met another milestone, managing to raise $375,000 thus funding their second DLC character: Big Band.

As a result of the massive amount of support Skullgirls fans have shown over these past two weeks, the Skullgirls team has added a number of new stretch goals to help motivate the fans to give even more. Every $50,000 dollars will allow the team to integrate a brand new voice pack into the game. At $400,000 dollars, the campaign will get Big Band’s story and stage as well as a Female Announcer pack voiced by Christina Vee. At $450,000, Erin Fitzgerald will create a “Salty Parasoul” voice pack. At $500,000 dollars, Joshua Tomar will produce a Drunken Fighting Game Fan Commentator voice pack. Finally, $550,000 gets us Derkwheel by Danielle McRae.

The previous stretch goals are still in place, allowing fans to vote on a mysterious third character should the team manage to break $600,000 dollars, and giving that character a stage and story at $625,000. However, there is one peculiar stretch goal that has been added on top of all this. At $725,000 dollars, Mike Z, the lead designer of Skullgirls, will let Mane6, the developers of My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, use his game engine for free.

Mane6 was issued a cease and desist order from Hasbro a few weeks back, unfortunately causing them to distance themselves from the My Little Pony IP. Luckily Lauren Faust, the original creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, has stepped forward to help the team make an entirely new game separate from the MLP IP. Being able to use the Skullgirls engine would be a great boost to them indeed.

To keep donations flowing in, the Skullgirls team has unveiled a number of new donation tiers as well. The $75 well-wisher tier gives you all the digital rewards the campaign has to offer, while the $200 Advocate tier allows you to get a custom voice-mail from Big Band’s voice-actor Rich Brown. The team has also added high-roller tiers for anyone who has an excessive amount of money to blow. The $2,500 Angel tier gives you all of the customized rewards the campaign is offering, regardless of whether or not they are sold out. The $5,000 Arcangel tier gives you all that plus a custom made Foehammer dual console fightstick. Finally, the Divinity tier, coming in at a whopping $7,500, gives you everything the campaign has to offer as well as an all-expenses paid trip to EVO in order to hang out with the Skullgirls team.