Developer Lab Zero Games has proven its naysayers wrong, as their Indiegogo campaign to raise funding to complete Skullgirls' first DLC character is a success. Its goal of reaching $150,000 was met within 24 hours of its campaign, and now Squigly can be completed.

"We seriously have the best and most dedicated fans in the world," said Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow in a statement to Polygon. "We were hopeful we could hit $150,000 in 30 days, but in no way expected to hit it under 24 hours."

Although the developers are set to continue their work on Squigly, the campaign isn't over. If Lab Zero reaches $375,000, they will create the character Big Band, who will be the first male fighter in Skullgirls. Once Squigly is finished, she will be initially added to Skullgirls as a free update to owners of the game, which debuted last spring on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. After three months, Squigly will cost five dollars to download. The campaign ends March 27th, and the developers wanted to give thanks to their numerous supporters.