Even though Skullgirls is getting taken down from gaming services everywhere, fans shouldn't fear because a re-release called Skullgirls Encore will be coming in January.

Lab Zero Games has posted on its official website about Skullgirls Encore and how the re-release will effect you. The main thing to note is Skullgirls will temporarily taken down from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace on Dec. 31 in order to be transferred to new publishers. It will then be re-released as Skullgirls Encore in January 2014, complete with the new fixes and the first downloadable character add-on, Squigly.

To prep fans both old and new, Lab Zero Games has posted an outline of the changes and how it'll affect everyone. Short version: PSN version will be a new game, free to all who previously downloaded it. XBLA version will be an update patched in during early 2014. You can find more specific details in the outline of changes in the link above. Check out how your region and platform will be affected and prepare yourselves for the next chapter (kinda), in the Skullgirls series.