The second Indiegogo-funded downloadable content character for Skullgirls Encore has debuted. Get ready to meet Eliza, the dark diva.

A post on the PlayStation Blog from Peter Bartholow, CEO of Lab Zero Games, introduces us to Eliza. This ageless beauty uses her blood to attack, all while utilizing Egyptian mythological symbols and cultural icons. On top of her blood-infused attacks, she can also summon her bodyguards Albus and Horace to assist her in battle, as well as her parasite Sekhmet. This Egyptian beauty will be available for free for the first three months after her release.

Bartholow also gave a bit of an update on Beowulf, the pro wrestler character inspired by the epic poem, saying that he is "coming along nicely" and will make use of a folding chair named "The Hurting."

Skullgirls avatars are also now available for your PSN ID. The avatars are shown below and will cost you $0.49 each.

Lastly, Bartholow gave an update on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game, letting us know that they're adding new features to truly make it an upgrade. This does, however, mean that the release date has been pushed back to early 2015. You can't rush a good thing, folks.

Lab Zero Games